woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Lanarte Cultures: Inca and Maya Cultures - progress pic 3

I'm still very slowly progressing on my Lanarte-kit Maya and Inca Cultures, so I hoped you might enjoy a new pic of it.

Autumn has now really arrived with rain and wind, but the temps are still quite high. Christmas-decorations are already showing up in the shops - way too early for me! First sinterklaas will come, and then I''l think about Santa :)


comments are loved and appreciated

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Annette zei

Your progress is going well..
Wat een schatje heb je toch.

ja ik doe ook eerst aan sinterklaas en dan pas kerts, wel maak ik ondretussen iets voor kerst..
De kerst spullen komen mij mij altidj pas 7 december te voorschijn.

Ik ben je mail adres kwijt zou je mij willen mailen, dan kan ik reactie geven op je vraag, want volgens mij krijg jij nooit mijn terug reactie aan die ik altijd maak op mijn comment

Deborah zei


Jenna is absolutely beautiful!! Such a sweet little lady!!
Your project is truly awesome and looks very complicated. It is beautiful though.
Hopefully will get to catch up with you real soon!!
Love and Hugs!!

Vicky L zei

You are making good progress! Jenna is so adorable!

Denise SA zei

Your progress is inspiring it is a lovely picture.

Shelley zei

Your WIP is coming along beautifully.

Ah, sinterklaus. I miss that tradition. When we lived in Holland, I was very little, but we celebrated sinterklaus.

Meari zei

Your stitching looks great!

Jelena is getting so big :)

Sparkles 'n' Stitching zei

I love the idea of sinterklaas visiting before christmas day sounds like an excuse to get the festivities started early (not that I would need an excuse lol)

your stitching is lovely

Linda Klinedinst zei

You are making great progress on this.

Happy Stitching