zondag 30 oktober 2011

Lanarte Cultures: Inca and Maya Cultures - progress pic 4

Grab a Brownie and come along...

Lanarte Cultures

Not as much progress as I had hoped to show, but at least there is some.

DSC01189 I don't often find the time to do some baking, but I finally managed to get the brownies done, and made some more cupcakes as well. Obviously I'm not that good at 'drawing' witches hats, ghosts and pumpkins!

16 months!
It's only a couple of blog-posts ago, I mentioned Jelena being 15 months, and now she's already 16 months! And she's already choosing her gifts from Sinterklaas in the toy-shop catalogue!


Also, Meagan is having a blog-giveaway, go check it out.

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7 opmerkingen:

Emily in NC zei

Yum brownies, made some the other day and they stuck in the pan, your look much better. Picture looks nice.

Meari zei

The brownies look yummy! Your WIP is coming right along.

Carolyn NC zei

Food looks delicious! Cute pic of your sweetie and nice progress on your stitching!

Annette zei

mmmmmmmm.... yummy I'm getting hungry.. You made so many yummy things...
Every progress is one... heve fun stitching..

Little Jelena looks so cute

Kate zei

Brownies look yummy. Cultures is coming along. Keep up the good work.

Nancy M zei

It doesn't matter what they LOOK like, it matters what they TASTE like!! Nice progress, even if less that you wanted. Your daughter will be so fun at Christmas this year!

Debbie zei

Jelena is so cute! She's sure growing! Thanks for sharing your baking.