dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Inca and Maya cultures finished!

I finally finished my WIP Inca and Maya Cultures. This was Lanarte kit, 43x 37 cm.

I forgot about a tiny finish last blog update: I made a cart for the occassion of the birth of my best friend's child. Since I didn't know the gender, I made a blue and a pink one. Forgot to take a pic of the one I used (forgetting things seem to be quite common lately!)

And the almost big sister, is also almost two years old! She wanted to take a step in mom's shoes :)

she also got her first ice cream cone since the weather is so hot, she didn't quite know what to do with it, and didn't end up eating any of it. Oh well...

Thanks everyone for the congrats on the pregnancy, everything is going well so far (positive fibes to keep things that way are appreciated though!), I feel the baby kick every day since I'm 16 weeks along :). I'm having a check-up for the blood-pressure soon, fingers crossed everything stays well.

Hoe gaat het met mijn baby?

EDIT: almost forgot, here's a pic of the cake I made for mother's day ( a biscuit with strawberry filling, creme freche on top, and roses made of rolfondant) and a pic of the gifts I got

Thank you for visiting my blog! Comments are always loved and appreciated.

18 opmerkingen:

lesli zei

First of all....YUMMMO! That cake looks delicious!!
Congratulations on your finishes - Inca and Maya Cultures is absolutely beautiful!
Almost big sister is a cutie-pie!

mdgtjulie zei

Lovely gifts, and your daughter is just darling. Too cute!! I like the pink card. It's pretty. And grats on the finish. It's lovely!!

Meari zei

Congrats on the Incan finish. It's gorgeous! The baby card is so adorable, as is the big sister. She's so cute!

Happy Belated Mother's Day. Looks like you received some nice gifties. Pretty flowers!

Cindy zei

Love the finish. Wish I could find that kit or chart. I would love to stitch that.
Hope your blood pressure continues to cooperate & stay low.

RhondaWoman71 zei

Love the finish, great job. who is the designer?

mab3500 zei

Congrats on the finishes. Your daughter is adorable. I give her another week and she'll be inhaling that ice cream. Mine was like that initially. Congrats again on the new baby on the way.

Denise SA zei

Congrats on your finish I have enjoyed seeing the progress on this piece

Vicky L zei

Congratulations on your beautiful finish. Jelena is very adorable in your shoes and her reaction to the ice cream come is precious. Nice gifts!

Claudette497 zei

I'm so happy for you - I've loved watching this piece come to life!

Anoniem zei

It is beautiful and congratulations on finishing it. Your daughter is so sweet and your cake looks yummy.


Cleejoow zei

Hey hey, leuk dat je even langs mijn blog passeerde :) de tip over het zout hoorde ik al, maar ik gebruik bijna geen zout... minderen zal dus niet evident worden :)
Beentjes omhoog leggen en voetjes in water steken... volgende week afspraak bij de dokter hopelijk hoef ik geen steunkousen :(

Annette zei

Congratz on the finish!!!
Wonderfull job on it..!
jelena her b-day already... ow no I forgot... grrrrr
I'm so busy..
What a sweet girl she is.. wonderfull!!

What a yummy cake!!!
lovely gifts

Geniet van je zwangerschap... hopelijk blijft je bloeddruk goed

Anne Sans Tete zei

First things first- there's no way your daughter is already 2!!! And second things second, your Incan/Mayan piece looks very nice. Congrats on finishing it!

- Lisa N. in Cambodia

Hetti zei

Ohoh, ik ben al een tijdje niet meer langs geweest, maar wat Jelena al een dametje geworden ;-))
En van harte gefeliciteerd met de zwangerschap Katrien!
Wat een mooie en leuke borduurwerken heb je gemaakt,

Nancy M zei

Your finish is huge and pretty! Better get all the stitching in you can, you know how busy you will be soon enough! Don't think I congratulated you on the new one to come! Big sister is cute, even if she didn't know what to do with the ice cream!

Kelly zei

What a fabulous finish! Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Elena zei

Congrats on your finish!!
Wow your cake is beautiful....yummy!

Happy stitching!

Shelley zei

Your Lanarte finish is gorgeous!!

Let's hope this pregnancy is a cake walk for you. Speaking of cake...that looks delish!!