zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Stitchy update
I was working on Egypt, as previously said, hoping to have it finished before baby came, and I was becoming sooooo close. (un?)fortunately baby decided to come about a day to soon to have it done. But here's a pic of the last part I was working on:

So the big news
On the 27th of june (just a few days after my last check-up in which there were absolutely NO signs labour was going to start in the next days), my water broke at 3.45 AM. So off to the hospital I went. I had before hoped to have an underwater delivery, but the new hospital forgot about the waterpipes for the bath, so no underwater delivery was possible. I did want to do everything without any pain-meds, and once again, it wasn't possible. At 12.30 the doctor came in and decided for me I would need an epidurale, because the labour wasn't going as needed, and they were going to stimulate it. At 18.30 hours, my daughter was born (with a lot of pushing on my belly by the mid-wife, OUCH!). Call me crazy (every one does), but I had so hoped she would wait until it was July to be born :(
She measures 50 centimeters (19,68 inches??), and 3540 grams (7,80 pounds??), she recieved the name Jelena.
Here's the cutie at 4 hours old

and yesterday

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Annette zei

Van harte gefeliciteerd.
Wat een prachtige dochter heb je ter wereld gebracht... geniet er maar van we hopen gauw meer van je mooie meid te zien..
geniet van de eerste tijd, voor je het weet lopen ze de kamer uit en vragen ze om zakgeld...

Debbie Jo zei

What a beautiful daughter you have. Congrats to you and daddy!! She is beautiful!!

Carolien zei

Wat een geweldig nieuws, hartelijk gefeliciteerd met die prachtige dochter!!!
Een fijne kraamtijd gewenst en een heel lang, gezond en gelukkig leven samen.

Groetjes, Carolien (CSL)

Mel zei

awh, congrats! She's just gorgeous :)

Vicky L zei

Congratulations on your daughter! She is a little angel! Your Eygpt looks great!

Gerda zei

Wat een prachtig meisje.... hartelijk gefeliciteerd, ook aan de papa!!! geniet van jullie kleine ukje!!!

Fijn weekend nog....

Ingrid zei

ooohhhh wat een mooi babytje , van Harte gefeliciteerd ,dit is nog eens goed nieuws !
Trouwens hele mooie naam heeft jullie dochtertje gekregen !Geniet ervan!

Emily zei

Congrats on the new addition, you will be quite busy for a while so take it easy.

Anne Sans Tete zei

She's so cute!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

Tineke...... zei

Gefeliciteerd met je dochter......:)en ook voor Papa:) geniet er maar lekker van meis ..ze zijn zo weer groot:)))
Groetjes Tineke

htimcj zei

WOW! Congratulations! She is adorable!

MaryT zei

Lovely daughter and beautiful stitching too:)

Carolyn NC zei

Congratulations on your sweet baby!

Sadie zei

Congratulations! Jelena is beautiful x x x x

Nancy M zei

Congrats on your new addition. She is quite a cutie pie!! Glad that things went well, even if not exactly as planned. Enjoy the next year....they grow up so fast!

Meari zei

What a big healthy baby :) Congratulations!! She's beautiful.

Kathy zei

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. She really is a beauty. And all that gorgeous dark hair.

Rene la Frog zei

Congrats on the long awaited bundle of joy. She is adorable! Looking forward to lots of pic of her as she grows into a beautiful young lady.

Shelley zei

She is adorable. Congratulations :)